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Welcome to the top rated shop in the Toronto!

Madd Art Tattoo Shop is a reputable, clean and professional environment consisting of 3 unique, experienced artists. We offer a wide range of artistic specialties and talents in the tattoo industry such as script, portraits, cover ups, tribal, eyebrows, and many more. Our main goal is to provide a place for all of our clients to feel comfortable, create a friendly ambiance, and to also feel happy and satisfied after each session.

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Yantra tattoos

Get INKED by professional tattoo artists at Yantra Tattoos. We offer quality and hygienic tattoos at very reasonable prices. Specialised in cover-up tattoos, name tattoos, tribal work, colour tattoos and etc.


We supply the best in class tattoo equipments and supplies for tattoo artists and saloons. All of our products are designed and made to the highest of standards, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service.


Piercings are done by single-use sterile needles only and in clean environment to avoid infection. Safe and Painless ear piercing of Inverness and Studex brand.

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Call 647-345-7465 for pricing, details, & how the tattoo party works! Or if your already familiar, come by the shop for tickets: //you are